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zippoLighter Crusade Victory1.300.103

zippoLighter Crusade Victory1.300.103

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Optional Specifications
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texture of material:Metal
Type of engine oil:other
Imported or not:yes
One time or not:no
Country of origin/region:U.S.A
wind proof :have
Article No:1.300.103
Processing customization:no
Patent source or not:no
Whether cross-border source of goods:no

' Solemnly explain:Sold by the CompanyZIPPOLighters are regular commodities,In case of doubt, please purchase carefully。All products of the company are shot in kind,Due to different light configurations and shooting angles,Please forgive the color difference。Please contact the customer service for other questions about the incomplete description of the goods and the lighter。The logistics express has been explained briefly above,Because each express company's delivery speed and efficiency are different,And the geographic location of each express recipient's city network is different,Please forgive me for the delay in the recipient's receiving time。';

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