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Italian handmade bucketMauro ARMELLI NIAmerini Fat Man Atmospheric Chamber Smooth SurfaceMA-RC147
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Italian handmade bucketMauro ARMELLI NIAmerini Fat Man Atmospheric Chamber Smooth SurfaceMA-RC147

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Mauro ARMELLINIAmerini

Amerini pipe

Amerini really means a pipe master who makes and learns from himself,he1960Started making pipe in, At first, he helped the Italian pipe factoryRossiTo be a craftsman。A few years later,WhenRossiWhen the door closes,He transferred to work in Safin,Due to special pitted surface treatment,for exampleRocciaandCoralloThese handling methods,He created them himself,Because of these unique skills,He soon became famous in the pipe industry。Spent some time in Safin,He decided it was time to create his own brand。Although the pipe market at that time was very large,However, due to operating costs,It is not easy to find appropriate instruments and tools。So his decision is still risky。

When Amerini's stamp appeared on the pipe,He never regretted。The brand owes its success to its neighbors and friends Alberto Paronelli, He vigorously helped Amerini promote his brand to the United States and Europe。 later,His four daughters started making pipes,As long as Dad needs it,Daughters will provide assistance。however,Of the four daughters, only Wilma(Vilma)Shows enthusiasm for the pipe,Slowly, she became father's right hand,She not only manages the brand,Most importantly, she also personally participated in the different stages of pipe production。later,Amerini is no longer a full-time pipe worker,Everything elseVilmaWe're taking over。

Wilma (Vilma) Armellini


2004Amerini left the world in,VilmaNaturally took over my father's work,Although this is a difficult decision,She still decided to inherit the production requirements and vision of Amerini's pipe。 The biggest reason why she inherited her father was that she knew about pipe when she was young,Learn from each process,So she knew what Amerini wanted from the quality of his pipe,I also know that the brand will continue in her hands。

Today in a small town in the back of Italy,Bao Laoshao,VilmaAnd her20Son agedMatteoManage pipe workshop together,Continue the production of Amerini pipe。 Matteoellini pipes. Matteo, Wilma's son,Very enthusiastic,Favorite pipe,A young man who loves pipe,It's all inherited from his grandfather。He decided to continue his grandfather's pipe business,Of course, he will also create some of his own shapes and surface treatments,He's very confident,I think my grandfather will be proud of him。

Now?,Amerini is a dream,dedication,enthusiasm,Overflow of genius,A brand with three generations of skills,They all have one thing in common,Is to use the best materials,Lowest cost,Make the best pipe。

Italian handmade pipeMauro ARMELLI NIAmerini Fat Man Atmospheric Chamber Smooth Surface MA-RC147



Inner diameter of bucket:2.2cm

Outer diameter of bucket:4.6cm

Bucket depth:3cm

flue:Atmospheric chamber


packing:Flannelette cover

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