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Knowledge of cigar classification by color

Knowledge of cigar classification by color

2018-11-08  51Pipe club  

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  • Double Claro Double Corona (Turquoise)

  • Claro Corona (Coffee、yellow)

  • Colorado Claro Coronado-Corona (tan、Medium brown)

  • Colorado Coronado (Dark red、brown)

  • Colorado Maduro Coronado-Maduro (Dark brown)

  • Maduro  Maduro (Coffee Dark Brown)

  • Oscuro Vosguro (Near black)

From shallow to deep,Can be divided into more than7Colors。

  Remember that Colorado is in the middle of the United States,therefore“COLORADO”Also in the middle of the cigar coat color。The color of eggplant coat depends on the processing process of eggplant coat,The color of each kind of tobacco is also different,The color also depends on the light received by the tobacco leaves,The position and height of tobacco leaf on the plant trunk depends。

  From shallow to deep,Can be divided into7Colors(annotation):


  The light green to yellow mark is the residual chlorophyll in the drying process。before,Americans prefer eggplant clothes with light sweet taste,Europeans look down on them for this。But since then,Americans and Europeans began to try more cigars。


  The tobacco leaves have a light brown color,It usually grows in the shade,Pick them before they mature,And then dried quickly。Its taste is uncertain,It also depends on the tobacco leaves in the cigar and the degree of sunlight exposure。


  Light brown,Mostly grown under light conditions。


  Eggplant coat from brown to brown。It grows in the shade,Rich taste,Light taste。


  thanCOLORADOThe color should be dark,thanMADUROLighter color。


  It is the transition from red-brown to black,This word is in Spanish“mature”The meaning of,It takes a long time to obtain,Steam in a high-pressure chamber or ferment at high temperature for a long time。MADUROTobacco leaves are endowed with unique characteristics:They look different from their appearance,They taste mild,But the taste is very rich,And has a light sweet taste。


  It is better thanMADUROThe color should be dark,Located at the top of the plant,Tobacco leaves receive sufficient light and undergo long-term fermentation。Cigars of this color are sometimes called“BLACK”or“NEGRO”。This kind of tobacco comes from Brazil and Mexico

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