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Classification of cigars by shape

Classification of cigars by shape

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   Cigar size only has a very vague standard,Cigars of the same model but different brands,It also varies in size。therefore,In addition to the model, the length and circle diameter of cigars should also be measured。Length is usually measured in inches,The coil diameter is measured in one sixty-four inches,For example, one ring diameter50A cigar with a diameter of50/64inch。

Main specifications of cigars-1.jpg

  Main specifications:Straight body cigars fall into the following eight categories,Because the manufacturer did not produce cigars according to specific standards,The size is only for reference with the largest and smallest existing varieties of this model:

  1)Churchill type(CHURCHILL):long6 1/4——7 1/4inch,Ring diameter46-50。

  2)Gentleman/crown(CORONA):long5——6inch,Ring diameter42-44。

  3)Gentleman type/Regal Crown(CORONA GORDA):Also called super rich type(ROBUSTO EXTRA Extended Lop Diagram),long5 1/4——6 1/4inch,Ring diameter46——50。

  4)Super Gentleman/Double Crown(DOUBLE CORONA):long7-8 3/4inch,Ring diameter48-54。

  5)Junlang type(LONSDALE):long6-7inch,Ring diameter41-45。

  6)Panetela (PANATELA):The size of this model varies greatly,long5 1/2-7 1/2inch,Ring diameter30-40。

  7)Gentleman/Small crown(PETIT CORONA):long4-5 1/2inch,Ring diameter38-42。

  8)Robusto /Rob diagram(ROBUSTO):The little Churchill type became popular,long4 1/2-5 1/2inch,Ring diameter48-52。
  There are several types of cigars with irregular shapes:
  1)Small horn type(BELTCOSO):long5——5 1/2inch,Ring diameter50。
  2)Serpentine(CCULEBRA):It is a combination of three small and beautiful types,Separate when smoking,Usually long5—6inch,Ring diameter38。
  3)Torpedo type(DIADEMAS):Usually long8inch,Foot circle diameter52—54Or larger。
  4)Small torpedo type(PERFECTO):The middle part is usually thicker,The length varies greatly,have4 1/2-9 inch,Ring diameter38-48。
  5)Large horn type(PYRAMID):long6-7inch,Ring diameter from head40Grow to the foot52-54。

Main specifications of cigars-2.jpg

Main specifications of cigars-3.jpg

Main shapes of cigars-1.jpg

Main shapes of cigars-2.jpg

Main shapes of cigars-3.jpg

-——(Picture quoted from“Cigar fan magazine”)

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