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Cigar blossom can be met but can't be asked

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    for a long time,Cigar customers generally believe that the flowering of cigars is the time when cigars are maintained to the extreme,This has also been a legend in the cigar industry。however,Now,This myth seems to be broken,Research shows that,Cigar blossom can be controlled artificially,More Than This,Even the mildew of cigars, which cigars have been avoiding, can be completely avoided。

    It is difficult for people to judge whether the spots on cigars are blossoming or moldy when they use naked eyes,Only under the microscope can we accurately distinguish the two。If it is filiform,Or it looks like a sharp needle,Or crystal with sharp angle,Then flowering;And if it is needle shaped,That's moldy,Because this tip contains the spores of mold。

Cigar“bloom”It is the oil in the eggplant coat that mellows the tobacco leaves,This is completely harmless

“Cigar blossom”The reason is complex,But it can be roughly divided into two types,Because the relative humidity in the cigar box decreases“bloom”,Or because the relative humidity suddenly rises too fast。The humidity in the cigar box is too high,Cigars are particularly susceptible to mildew。

  “bloom”Of cigars。The reason is that the oil in the eggplant coat makes the tobacco leaf mellow and mature。This is completely harmless,And it is a sign of healthy cigars。The lenses like flower clusters are evenly distributed on the cigar surface,It is the oil in tobacco that appears on the eggplant coat in the form of white powder。It can be brushed off with a small camel hair brush。Blooming means the cigar is still alive,The alcoholization process should be completed in the cigar box。

  It's different from mildew,Mildew is caused by some blue-green spots on the eggplant coat,If mildew spots appear,That means the cigar box is too wet。Actually, you don't have to panic,Take out the moldy cigar first,Avoid passing to other cigars。Properly adjust the humidity of the cigar box。Open the cigar box lid,Open only one seam,Keep the air in the box ventilated。It will take a while,Let the moisture completely escape from the inner layer of the cigar coat and cigar。It takes three weeks to change the humid environment of cigars。

The following is the flowering effect of perfectly aged cigars,The taste can reach an excellent state:

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